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Andrea Hegmann

Owner, Instructor, Equine Assisted Learning Practitioner

Andrea, with her extensive teaching background, has trained at Melbourne, La Trobe and Swinbourne universities.

With a Diploma in Education, Andrea loves to work with children and leads a very fulfilling life that centres around what she is most passionate about; watching our clients develop and grow, through their interactions with horses.

Qualifications and experiences:

  • Certified Equine Assisted Learning Practitioner (The Equine Psychotherapy Institute, March 2020)

  • Graduate Diploma of Counselling

  • EA Level 1 (Show jumping, dressage, x-country)

  • RDA Level 1

  • EA Judge

  • EA competitor

  • International experience

  • Bachelor of Art (Hon.)

  • Diploma of Education

Carolyn Hall

Equine Assisted Learning Practitioner (in training and former instructor)

Carolyn has been with Unicorn Valley for many years, having played an integral role in supporting its growth and watching it evolve over time.

Her knowledge, warmth, people skills, and her feel for horses and children are evident in every session held. Carolyn’s background includes horticulture, accounting, and bookkeeping, and in more recent years took a lead role with the local Pony club of 70 members.

Working in equine therapy is deeply respectful work, between horses and clients and is something Carolyn is passionate about and is currently training with the Equine Psychotherapy Institute in Melbourne.

The institute aims to ‘support people to become aware, connected, compassionate and powerful advocates for people, animals and the natural environment'.

 “I feel privileged to be part of the connection between client and horse and seeing the smiles, confidence and calm that develops”.  Carolyn Hall - 


Claire Amsellem

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Practitioner

Claire has been involved with Unicorn Valley over the past few years. With over 14 years of experience teaching, she is a devoted and enthusiastic local Primary School Teacher.

Claire has been able to combine her passion for horses with her desire to provide young people with invaluable and exciting learning experiences beyond the classroom. 

Unicorn Valley reflects Claire's sincere belief that working with horses helps to build invaluable communication skills, and develop the emotional intelligence required to cultivate, and maintain healthy relationships.

Along with her Bachelor's Degree in Education from Latrobe University, Claire is a certified Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Practitioner, having completed her studies at The Equine Psychotherapy Institute in March 2020.

"Claire, from day one, has been an incredibly knowledgeable and exciting extension to our dedicated group of teachers and instructors. Her deep-seated love for children and horses has added many new facets to our ‘ family feel’ at Unicorn Valley".

Andrea Hegmann, Owner Unicorn Valley Equestrian Centre

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