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Riding Lessons

At Unicorn Valley we teach adults and children from the age of about eight and up, in both private and group lessons. Our location in Panton Hill, just 30 mins from the northern suburbs of Melbourne, makes yours' or your child's dream of learning to ride conveniently accessible while giving the opportunity to spend time in this gorgeous area of Victoria.

In our lessons we not only teach people to ride but also have a strong focus on learning the basic skills required to care for a horse. Building these skills instills you with the knowledge to keep yourself safe when around horses but also improves riding by providing a sound understanding of horse physiology and behaviour.

We cover topics such as horse breeds, worming, feeding, tacking up, floating a horse and general horse wellbeing. We also have regular demonstrations from our farriers, body workers, horse trainers and saddle fitters to help build an understanding of the needs of a horse.

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