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Kinder Riding (Kinderreiten)

Playful and safe learning for little ones

We are keen to share our philosophy of respect, combined with fun and exercise to increase trust, balance, and coordination with our four-legged friends.

We offer 'kinderreiten' (kinder riding) on the lunge supported by a riding girth equipped with handles - a riding technique originating from Germany.

A safe introduction to riding for littleins, connecting them with our unicorns and beyond.

Duration: 30 min (includes brushing, saddling, and bridling)

Cost: $65

Ages: 3+ years 

Childrens Lessons: About

Children's Lessons

​At Unicorn Valley we teach children at all levels of experience and offer both private and group lessons. We not only teach people to ride, but we also have a strong focus on learning the basic skills required to care for a horse.

Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more.

  • Cost: Children's Private Lesson's are $95

  • Duration: 60 minutes*

We encourage all of our riders to arrive 15 minutes early to their lessons to gain experience in the 'tacking-up' (saddling and bridling) process. 

For further information: Please contact us

Childrens Lessons: About
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