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Competitions and Games

Let the fun begin!

Riding Lessons


We hold our own in-house competitions in which riders compete at all levels, from complete beginners to experienced riders. It offers our riders the opportunity to show how much their riding has improved as well as boosting their confidence while having some fun.

Studies have shown that children who compete at an early age have a better ability to deal with stressful situations in everyday life so we encourage our riders to compete for themselves to get the most out of their riding and out of life.

In the weeks leading up to the competitions we offer our riders the opportunity to practice, either privately or in a group. We encourage them to practice their dressage test, even if it means turning their lounge room at home into a manege!

Games Clinics

We also offer games clinics run by Lars Hegmann, who is an experienced coach and trainer.

Games are a very exciting part of horse riding and are based on skill and team work.

Please contact Jenny Campbell after 6pm on 0431 918 009.


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